Excellent Opportunity at University of Washington

The University of Washington is putting together a special summer camp package for boys.  Please take advantage of this, if you are a volleyball player, there is not a greater opportunity than this.   These camps typically sell off quicker then Aquafina in a dessert, and the coach has decided to cordon off a couple courts for boys only.

As usual there is the boys night camp:

 July 17-19    Wednesday-Friday  for 4th-8th graders $145   5:00-8:00pm

***Boys camp will be ONLY for boys and will be run separately from the girls in Night Camp 2.

Sign up here:

So far they have 11 boys registered total and the camp wants to have courts of 16 kids.

If you are in high school and you want to go to the night camp click here

Answer all the questions.   

If you are in high school and you want to do the day camp:
Day Camp is July 13-15 from 9am-9pm and from 9-3:30 on the 13th.

The cost is $375 per player and includes all meals on campus.
If interested in the high school day camp click here, or email wshsbva@gmail.com.