Moxie Sand Program looking for 4 more players

Moxies boys program is looking for 1 more U18(16-18 yr old as of Sept 1, 2013.) and 3 more U15s(15-13 year olds as of Sept 1, 2013) .   If you are interested please contact   Sand is a great experience and the coach is Mike Bailey,  a very accomplished sand player himself, who is essentially self taught and can show your Jr the ropes.


From the website:

Boys U12 to U15 Friday 5:30 to 7:30 pm starting May 23rd


The end goal of our beach volleyball program is to get junior players paired up and competing in the local junior tournaments through the various tournament hosts in the Seattle area.


We will be indoors about 80% of the time. Athletes will be introduced to playing outdoors and learning to work with the elements (sun, wind, and rain) on weekends and/or select weeknights in addition to regularly scheduled practices.