The Washington State High School Boys Volleyball Association mission is to provide world class opportunities for students to play interscholastic sports.

There are three major reasons why we feel setting up this club is important:
1. Not every student who wants to play a sport is able to play a sport in high school. There are many kids who are cut from varsity athletic programs, with all the benefits of playing sports, more students should be allowed to benefit from sports.

2. WSHSBVA helps fight child obesity and creates habits for young adults that help them stay active in after high school.

3. Ultimately this club enhances the high school experience for the student, through strengthening of bonds with their classmates and the member school.

The Association works in with the three chapters of the United States Volleyball Association who have a presence in the state of Washington:  The Puget Sound Region, Evergreen Region and the Columbia Empire Region, with the intent to grow boys volleyball in the Northwest.   We have no affiliation with the Washington Interscholastic Athletic Association, but are certainly not opposed to working with WIAA.

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