What is the season’s duration?

The season starts in September and ends in November. (Coincides with the fall season).

What does the Season look like?

The Season consists of two parts, the first part is a series of qualifying tournaments at various locations across the state.   During these tournaments you qualify for the Championship Tournament.


When are games played?

Seeding for Playoffs are Day Tournaments usually held on Saturday’s from September through October at a neutral site.  The Championship Tournament (Playoff) Games are held in November during the week at the higher seeds home gym.

How many practices are there during the week?

At least two depending on gym availability

Can you earn a letter playing this sport?


Can you have A team members play on the B team?

Yes, remember this organizations governs this as an activity and is  more into participation then held roster spots, so the goal is to get more students to play volleyball.

Can girls play?

Depending on how each charter, plan, or other organizing document is written per school in most cases girls will be allowed to participate, however WSHSBVA will not allow a current member of a WIAA sanctioned team to participate.  2nd for girls to participate the school’s varsity letter program must have a Varsity, Junior Varsity, and C team. 4A and 3A schools will also require a freshmen team as well.   Also all WSHSBVA sanctioned events are played on a 7’5/8 net (Men’s Height Net).

Are their tryouts and cuts?

Each charter, plan, or other organizing document is different,  some schools allow for cuts and others say all have to participate.  Tryouts in some cases are to field which team the student athlete will be on, A, B, C, or Fresh.  So you could be cut or placed on a lower tier team.

How many people are allowed on Team A?

Up to 12 participants are allowed on Team A.  All other teams allow for maximum of 9 teammates composed of 2 outside hitters, 2 combo of Opposite Hitter and Setter, 2 Middle Hitters, Libero and two utility subs who must participate in at least 15 points or rally’s per set.  There is no such limitation on Team A’s roster.

My school doesn’t have a team how can I set one up?

1) Fill this form out

2) Read this page

3) We will contact you regarding a time to meet up

What can I do in the interim?

Talk to your athletic director and get a feel of he/she will be behind the idea.  Start thinking of a faculty person who can help set up the organization.  Find out the mechanics of starting a club/ASB organization at your school.  Print out anything that will help us draw up an effective document that will create the organization in your school.

How much money does it costs for the student athlete?

Depends on the school’s, club’s, or organization’s budget you may have team dues to submit (ASB fees). Member schools do not have to pay to participate in WSHSBVA sanctioned tournaments held in the fall.


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